I.I paral.lel ensamble

We met at the beginning of the year 2019. We are a group of artists from various disciplines and places in the world who gather around similar questions about our day today, the city we live in, and the way we articulate our social relationships. Things have changed a lot since we were born, haven't they? We firmly believe that we can change the world - or at least a piece of it - by modifying the lens through which we observe it. That is why we join together to develop scenic, radio, musical, and film projects where the audience builds with us a new image in which art and real-life come together. We work collectively to invent, produce, and materialize forms of exploration in the depths of today's society. If a revolution occurs, we trust that it will be an urban revolution, and that is why we want each spectator, listener or interpreter to leave their comfort zone to find this beautiful possibility: the one that gives us everything that does not yet exist that, possibly, it is hidden in some corner of our city.


paral.lel ensamble